Healthy Teachers in Happy Classrooms

2023 Southeast Christian School Convention workshop handouts: Thursday, September 28, 2023.  Word doc handout PDF handout Burned out teachers cannot effectively fulfill their calling. Poor management, persistent stress, and unrealistic expectations will result in an emotional crash. However, healthy decision-making, planning, and life habits will make the school day more enjoyable, and they will make the teacher more successful. Spiritual Emotional Health Prioritize being with God, rather than doing for God. Make the decision to […]

Memorization: The Concrete Foundation for Learning

2023 Southeast Christian School Convention workshop handouts: Thursday, September 28, 2023.  Word doc handout. PDF handout. Although memorization is the lowest form of cognitive learning, it is foundational. Critical thinking cannot take place with knowledge students don’t remember. Therefore, teachers need to understand how the memory works and which methods will help students achieve mastery. Nothing replaces quality instruction at the onset. Use variety to teach new vocabulary words. Remove distractions and optimize focus. Methodically […]

How Did Our Christian School Students Perform Through the COVID-19 Era?

The Nation’s Report Card has revealed the unfortunate consequences of lengthy school closures and insufficient online instruction throughout the COVID-19 period. Findings reported by the NAEP are so historically dismal that some are calling the situation a national crisis. For the first time in 50 years, mathematics scores have dropped 7 points. Declines in reading are the worst since 1990. These findings will not shock many parents who foresaw the consequences of lengthy school closures […]

A Response to the N&O/WRAL Criticism of Opportunity Scholarship

Stronger government control of our children’s education will not improve the learning gap, despite the objections of those who believe that government knows best. In Ned Barnett’s “Admit it. NC School Voucher Program Is a Failure,” more government oversight of religious and private schools is the prescribed anecdote for an alleged lack of accountability. He complains that private Christian schools have no government oversight of their curricular standards and, therefore, are not up to par; […]

Ponder How to Progress from “Support” to “Elevate”

In an explanation about the most common type of leader and the most effective type of leader, John Eades reflected on the findings of the research team at LearnLoft*.  Most leaders exhibit both love and discipline with subordinates, and that type of leadership places in them in the category that researchers label “Support”. These leaders are described as good, but they’re not necessarily great. The next level (and highest level) of leadership is the “Elevate” […]