Listen Well Then Give a Notice

Do you have trouble getting back to your job because you can’t shake yourself free from a talker? Some people have never learned the art of keeping conversations brief; and to complicate the matter, some people are afraid that they are being rude if they make an assertive attempt to end a conversation that has gone on way too long. However, it’s never rude to allow someone to dominate time that you should be spending […]

Quiz Frequently and Provide Feedback

Whether quizzing is a graded assessment or looks more like a fun activity makes little difference. The key is to quiz the students several times before the unit test or exam. But quizzing is only half of the task. There must be corrective feedback if you want the review activities to improve their grades. Researchers, in a study* among seventh graders, found that quizzing students several times throughout the unit improved their grades when they […]

Before Defending Yourself, Ask a Clarifying Question

Teachers can often feel like they are being second guessed or even attacked. And at times, there’s a good reason for feeling that way. But before you dig in and start a headstrong defense of yourself, ask a clarifying question. Here are a few reasons why: There are times when you are not being attacked, but rather, the other person communicated their thoughts poorly. Or, you may be over-sensitive, which leads you to take the […]

Make the Lesson Personal

Make the lesson personal by inviting your students to place themselves in the middle of it. Ask questions like…             How would this make you feel?             How would this impact your family?             Does this impact your family today in any way?             Why would you like or dislike this if it happened to you?             What would you like or dislike about this situation?             What would you change? How? Why? In subjects […]

Don’t Get Hooked on a Phishing Trip

Hackers are getting more and more tricky with ways to steal your personal information, as well as private records in your school’s databases. Some phishing emails even use names of people you know to bait the hook. By hacking into your personal computer or school system, offenders could steal your identity without your knowledge; or they highjack private records and hold them for ransom. This scenario has become far too common in schools nationwide. Do […]